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Technical Cookies

Technical cookies are necessary for the majority of websites to function as they should. For example, they ensure that you do not constantly get logged out of the website you are visiting.

Technical cookies are necessary and are always enabled.


appCurrentDomainId - 1 year

Saves the ID of the current domain, which is used to control the language

vmcms - Is deleted when the browser is closed.

The website uses this cookie to identify the visitor across pages under the visit.


lastHash - 1 Year

Saves the last hash value in the url

Cookie settings

vm-gdpr - 1 Month

Used to remember the choices taken under Cookie Settings.

vm-gdpr-accept - 1 Month

Specifies whether cookie settings have been reviewed / accepted.


Statistics Cookies

Statistics cookies help developers to optimize the website by collecting information about which pages are most popular and which pages do not seem to appeal to users' tastes. This way, the website and usability can be improved.

Statistics cookies are also used to collect general visit statistics through simple counting.

They usually have no or very little impact on your privacy, as they do not record what is searched for on other websites.

Google Analytics

_ga - Expires after 2 years

This cookie from Google is used to monitor traffic on our site and track the number of visits of each visitor, the time of the first visit, the previous visit and the current visit.

_gid - Expires after browser session has ended

This cookie is used to track how long the visitor spends on a web placement: when a visit starts and when it ends. If you notice cookie changes (such as using a firecookie), you will see regular changes.

_ga_* - 1 year

The functionality is: to store and count pageviews.


Marketing Cookies

Marketing cookies are used for commercial purposes to target ads to you.

They collect information about your behavior on individual websites, thus forming an overview of interests, habits, and activities that can be used to display relevant ads.


_gcl_au - 3 months

The purpose of this cookie is to optimise the functionality on the website


_fbp - 90 days

Used to distinguish and keep track of your unique users


Personalized Cookies

Personalized cookies collect information about your behavior on the website and can help suggest other pages, news, or products to you, based on things you have shown interest in.

Personalized cookies are not used for marketing elsewhere on the internet.

This website does not use any cookies in this category


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