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Dog on the campsite

Dogs are always welcome to Ringkøbing Camping, as well as other pets. Is this the right place for your dog.

Campers have free access to the agility Baan. The use of this is at your own risk. The agility Baan is not a children's playground.

It is in the midst of Femhøjsande plantation, containing a dog forest. On one side is adjacent to the campsite this forest. Here is your dog run free without belt, but under your supervision.

The dog forest is approx. 20 ha. Large and falls under State supervision. (Naturstyrselen) 
The forest is so great that there is a place for everyone. This is one of the few dog’s forests where you can take a walk by many hours without having seen everything.

In the western part of the Plantation is a natural playground with picnic tables.

In the summer half-year (1 April to 30 Sept.) are the wide white sand beaches are a nice playground for your dog on a leash. Have your dog in the winter half-year (1 Oct. m31 March) not on the line, but you must be sure that he/she comes if you call. There are some beaches and nature areas (protected flora and fauna) where your dog should not run loose. This is indicated by signs.

Some children and adults are afraid of dogs. Even if you know that your dog only wants to greet or poke around, you have to go out there that not everyone will enable this on price.

The dog should always be kept on a leash on the campsite. So everyone can walk without fear on the campsite.

Anything else is that you as a dog owner there to look out for, that the "accidents" of your dog should always be cleaned up.

Free dog waste bags can be found at the entrance to the reception.

We have a number of cabins in the rental where your dogs or other pets are welcome.
This after consultation.

In the cabins they should not be left alone.