Åbningstid: 19/03-2021 - 03/10-2021,  vinteråben med tilmelding

Ringkøbing/Skjern museum

Ringkøbing Museum takes hole on these stories and creates space for contemplation, games and activities for both children and adults! 

In the old County doctor housing on the market square in Ringkøbing is now Ringkøbing Museum. When you visit Ringkøbing Museum you can see the exhibition of the painter's stunning paintings by Jesper 1800s Ringkøbing and explore the remarkable collection from the Museum's store.

In reception we offer the opportunity to purchase a week or season pass.

The cozy Museum shop ' ' Aunt Møhge ' ' summer of nostalgia and abounds with wonderful memories of a bygone time. Here you will find old-fashioned toys, nostalgic applied art, historic delicious delicacies, retro-fun ideas, exciting books and much more.

There are, of course, free access to the Museum shop. Also check out the Museum's online Web store-gavermedhistorie.dk