Åbningstid: 19/03-2021 - 03/10-2021,  vinteråben med tilmelding

Ringkøbing Fjord

Ringkøbing Fjord with its location right on Ringkøbing and with its great nature around it is very nice place to be in the vicinity of the Fjord.

There are not many places in Denmark with a such an interesting nature and intense atmosphere such as the Ringkøbing Fjord offers you. Attaches much value to you nice memories and unique experiences then this is definitely worth a visit.

The Fjord is a short distance from the campsite (2km)

The area surrounding the Ringkøbing Fjord offers you many possibilities for the different activities. Anglers and cyclists can enjoy their stay here. There are many cycle routes including a bicycle route to the whole Ringkøbing Fjord of approximately 125 km. alternatively, sailing, windsurfing and swimming, etc.

The healthy, fresh air and nature make sure that there is something for everyone, whether you want to cycling, walking or running.

The Fjord is more than 100 years an important basis for birds, fish and people.

Whatever the weather or time of year there's always is nice to discover or to see. There is also a lot of vibrancy in the summer months around the Fjord. You don't have to walk so far, cycling or driving to a beautiful place located on the Fjord.