Åbningstid: 19/03-2021 - 03/10-2021,  vinteråben med tilmelding

City walk in Ringkøbing

The Ringkøbing Skjern Museum also offers historical city hiking in Ringkøbing, where it is mainly 19th century Ringkøbing, we get through. Hear about the time Vester strandgade had 26 pubs, feel the cobblestones under your feet when we go and discover the contrast between the city's ancient appearance and its modern life. See the dates on the calendar.

Jesper painter's Ringkøbing

Obliquely to Ringkøbing Museum is the clerk of the Court. Here you can view the beautiful display of Jesper painter's paintings of the 19th century Ringkøbing. If you combine the exhibition with a city hiking, you will be able to see more of the same houses in the street scene. Now just with cars parked out on the front instead of horse-drawn carriages.