Åbningstid: 19/03-2021 - 03/10-2021,  vinteråben med tilmelding

Bundsbæk mill

Go on a guided Mill row as it suits you!

At your own pace and on a day when it suits you. You can borrow an mp3 player at Bundsbæk Mill. Hear information about the mill, windmill in Skjern and other mills in the municipality.

In the main building is a coffee room, where you can drink coffee and home-made bread taste by Miller. You can also visit the coffee room outside the museum opening hours for groups by appointment.

In connection to the water mill was in 1991 and made copies of the village forge. This was a Bundsbæk away from Mill.

Bundsbæk Nature park: 

A walk on the wooden bridge at Bundsbæk Mill and comes in a unique nature. Wild orchids and lizards you can discover here in the Sun.

Hear the birds and the buzzing insects in the cane/scrub.

Take a basket and pick herbs or berries; you can also watch the 4 beautiful sculptures. Created by world famous Land Art artist Alfio Bonanno.