Åbningstid: 19/03-2021 - 03/10-2021,  vinteråben med tilmelding

Day trip

Ringkøbing City

Ringkøbing is a very charming city, which in 1443 to merchant city is appointed. This means that Ringkøbing belonged to one of Denmark’s oldest cities.

Ringkøbing Fjord

Ringkøbing Fjord with its location right on Ringkøbing and with its great nature around it is very nice place to be in the vicinity of the Fjord.

Ringkøbing Museum

The museum jumps into the hole of history and gives way to floor, games and activities for children and adults.

City walk

City walking tour every Tuesday July/ August: Ringkøbing Skjern & Museum offers every Tuesday in July and August at 11.00.

Bundsbæk mill

Go on a guided Mill row as it suits you! At your own pace and on a day when it suits you.

Watchman off Ringkøbing

Ringkøbing is known for the singing watchmen, which in July and August through the streets go from 9 pm.