An active holiday is good for body and mind. You will get physical and sporting challenges, while nature takes care of relax and recreate.

Go on a treasure hunt with GPS or your smartphone and experience Ringkøbing in a fun and different way.
Ringkøbing and surroundings are filled with so-called caches, which you go to different places of the caress.
Everything you need from the start is a GPS or a smartphone and a little hungry for adventure.

What is geocaching?
You can compare the best Geocaching with a mix of treasure hunting outside the door and a orientation course. 
Often leads to places that one might otherwise never would have seen.

The difference with respect to an orientation course, with a map and a compass, use a geocacher a portable GPS for finding the way. Participants navigate to a specific set of coordinates and then try to find a cache (sheet) hidden somewhere.

How do I start:
Create a free profile on Using the keyword "Ringkøbing" choose a place and follow the instructions, have the right to your coordinates. Key it into your GPS.

Geocaching with your smartphone: download the app. "geocaching". Here you can search for specific treasures or where you are located. It's not hard and you will be led through it quickly, so after a few minutes you are ready for the treasure hunt.

Conditions for hiring the GPS: 
Deposit:  500 DKK + copy Identity card.
Rent     : 50 DKK per day per GPS.